Fall down 7 times, get up 8…

21 Jul


For me this poem really represents holding out to the best of yourself even if you are not recognised and rewarded. Sometimes when you have been nice, truthful, successful, truthful, helpful and so on you get nothing in return… which mostly we handle. What’s worse is when you’re not recognised or actually criticised/put down. Everyone can handle this every now and then but do it continuously is a one way ticket to burn out for all of us.

What I feel is in these situations, stand up for yourself, have boundaries, have the courage to ask for your boundaries to be respected but most of all keep being the best of you are, which is actually who you are anyway. I always think of the knights in fantasy books (not so much in our real medieval history), who did the right thing just because it was right thing even if there was an easier way of doing things. Even if everyone around them was following a different path. This really is a way to continue on in life on a solid foundation. If you know you’ve done right by whats true to you, no one can really ever shake your resolve.

Favourite line:

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway  ❤


4 Jun

I really like that this covers being able to express the whole rainbow of emotions. Too many people feel as if feeling a certain type of emotion feels they’re failing in some form or another. So cry, get angry, get envious.  No point bottling it up 😊😡😭😱😄😜 feel it all! And see it as part of the process rather than a let down on your part. ❤️❤️❤️

Of course how and where it’s done would be important. Things like talking with a trusted one, journal writing, getting an axe and hacking wood to pieces are all relevant ways to move emotion 😄. 

My burdens are light….

18 Apr


One of the most beautiful sayings I’ve come across. No matter which way my life is going, when I see this, think it and feel it, a sense of calmness pervades over me. As always I hope it brings you back to a place of calm <3.

My burdens are light,

like feathers in the wind.

You have infinite support…

26 Mar


Sometimes it doesn’t always feel this way but in retrospect its easy to see how everything that ever happened was another piece of the jig saw. If you are going through great difficulties one of the most supportive things to do is to pray or write a letter to whatever your understanding of a Higher Power is. There is no substitute for this I have found. Because sometimes we end up in situations where we know that there is nothing no one can do that can help. Or it feels that way. In those moments write a letter on your mobile, on the computer and best of all on a piece of paper.

I often find that by writing something always shifts, whether it is the world or my heart. Either way it feels as though some support is coming in from somewhere. Lots of Love ❤

How to move through this day…

19 Mar

A beautiful little poem that seemed to increase the peace in me when I read it. Hope it does the same for you as well. 🙂

Body, like a mountain,

Heart,  like the sea

Mind, like the sky.


Source: How to move through this day

Good Morning!

8 Mar


There’s nothing like starting a morning off with a good stretch. Especially when you have some furry and feathered friends to accompany you. 🙂



Self Love :D

7 Mar

635915324600937747-1313463328_for self love article.gif


5 Mar

I have permission from above don’t need laws, doctrines, guards for my authority is God who has given me permission to love.

Source: Permission

Love this so much. Perfectly describes how I’ve always felt. I don’t need anyone telling me how to be, how to do, how to live. When I’m in touch with my inner self, with the Great Power that moves with us all, then I stop forward in life with such confidence. For I know that the Power that created the Sun, the Earth, our Universe and Beyond is the same one flowing in me. What is there to fear?

Be who you are and say what you want…

24 Jan

Be who you are

School time tension :P

18 Nov


Oh that feeling when teachers expects you to finish their sentence and you had no idea what they were on about. The icing on the cake was you were pretending to understand them all along. Haha.